Wimbledon 2017: Where to Buy Tickets, Prices and Packages

Wimbledon 2017 is approaching and many tennis fans want to attend this tournament in the courts so that they can watch their favorite players live playing in the courts. Now a days, many people are searching on the internet for buying online Wimbledon tickets and many are looking for different types of tennis packages. So, in this post we are providing the complete guide on how to get the tickets and other hospitality packages related to the tournament.

Buying Tickets and Packages for Wimbledon 2017

There are four different ways to get the cheap or VIP Wimbledon tickets. These four methods are described below. You can get the evening or morning tickets of every day excluding the middle Sunday of the tournament.

1. Ticket master

The easiest method for getting the online Wimbledon tickets is from the ticket retailing shop and you can buy this from one of the renowned tickets website on the internet. i. e TicketMaster. This site is the official partner of the Wimbledon tournament. You can buy the ticket of any match before one day of that match. This does main you can buy the tickets of semifinals and finals before one day.

There are also other resale tickets website like Viagogo, GETMEIN and StubHub. These sites buy the tickets from the Championships, Wimbledon and resale these to the people. You can also buy the tickets from these sites.

How to get resale tennis tickets and packages for Wimbledon 2017

2. Wimbledon Ballot

The Ballot is a type of lucky draw. You are not guaranteed about the ticket but you make your place in the draw. If you are successful in a ballot, then you have to enter your unique pin on the Wimbledon site. After this you have to send the payment of this ticket. In this way, you can secure your ticket. Wimbledon also provides the separate ballots for the Wheelchairs spaces.

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3. Hospitality Packages

You can get the complete hospitality packages from the two official partners of the Wimbledon Championship. One is PureWimbledon that provides the packages to the UK, Australian and the Asian visitors and the other is the Keith Prowse which offers packages to the European and American people. There are also some unofficial sites which offer different cheap hospitality packages.

4. Queuing

There are some tickets available daily through the process of queuing in Wimbledon. You can buy these tickets on the day of the match for different courts. But for the last 4 days, the tickets are sold in advance for the Center court, No. 1 court and No. 2 Court.

Plenty of cheap ground passes are available till the last day of the tournament for Courts No. 3 to 18.

The cost of the tickets through the queuing for each courts are given below. The prices of final match tickets for center court and grounds passes are also given.


DAY 1 MONDAY 3 JULY £56 £45 £41 £41 £25
DAY 2 TUESDAY 4 JULY £56 £45 £41 £41 £25
DAY 3 WEDNESDAY 5 JULY £73 £57 £49 £49 £25
DAY 4 THURSDAY 6 JULY £73 £57 £49 £49 £25
DAY 5 FRIDAY 7 JULY £95 £74 £62 £62 £25
DAY 6 SATURDAY 8 JULY £95 £74 £62 £62 £25
DAY 7 MONDAY 10 JULY £112 £82 £68 £68 £25
DAY 8 TUESDAY 11 JULY £112 £82 £42 £20
DAY 9 WEDNESDAY 12 JULY £135 £98 £38 £20
DAY 10 THURSDAY 13 JULY £135 £58 £20
DAY 11 FRIDAY 14 JULY £155 £37 £15
DAY 12 SATURDAY 15 JULY £155 £34 £15
DAY 13 SUNDAY 16 JULY £190 £29 £8



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